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ROOM8's "Visions of You" Will Be the Soundtrack to Your Getaway

Or at least the soundtrack to 'Drive 2.' Watch the video exclusively on THUMP.
May 21, 2014, 8:08pm

You saw the movie Drive right? It's that work of futuristic film noir where Ryan Gosling tools around in a muscle car and leather jacket driving a getaway car and distributing vigilante justice. As a film, it's largely mediocre, but still was able to rise to cult status due to a spot-on soundtrack that included stylish italo disco cuts and of course, Kavinsky's "Nightcall."

ROOM8's new single "Visions of You" obviously was not on the Drive soundtrack, but it easily could have been. Born from the minds of Los Angelinos Ezra Reich and Nic Johns, this production actually features Electric Youth who was the voice behind one of Drive's standout tracks "A Real Hero," a certified hipster anthem. Maybe this track will be on Drive 2? Because Gosling could be alive right?

Until then, "Visions of You" will be released on ROOM8's forthcoming EP, Transduction, which the outfit refers to as "an audio film that takes place in a musical past, present and future." The video is a shiny eye-catching slice of neon magic that has us feeling like we got thrown into a time machine with Ryan Gosling, the entire decade of the 80s, and a couple hits of bathtub designer drugs. Just hit play… you'll understand.

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