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We Asked Our Favourite Dutch DJs How to Get The Most Out of ADE

Where to go, what to smoke, and how to get there.

One of the electronic industry's key get-togethers, Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), is upon us once again. Now entering its 19th year, the five-day music conference is bigger than ever, which got us wondering how to best navigate its shows, panels, meeting, and smoke shops. With over 2000 performing DJs and some of the most potent truffles in Europe, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed if you don't know the right people. We rang up a few local artists we'd met at past ADEs and asked them how to get the most out of the week.


San Proper:

Listen: Redlight Radio is an online radio station located in the heart of Amsterdam's Red Light District. I often do my show here on the occasional Thursday afternoon, usually between 1 to 3 PM. I'll play various styles the first hour and then bring in proper house tunes the second. This station is represented by many of my favourite DJs from Amsterdam and behind it is an exceptional record shop named Redlight Records, where I often purchase my vinyl gems. I'm also a fan of Rush Hour, a store that opened in '97. The music I collect here is very dear to me. I've always applauded the wide range of styles they offer. Their label released my Proper's A'dam Family Series debut and my first album Animal.

Party: Trouw is my favourite nightclub of all-time. It has great house and techno programming. And the restaurant is exquisite too. I do my "Proper's Cult" residency in the de Verdieping basement. I'm also lucky to have my studio situated out there too, which means I'm around at least four days a week. Unfortunately Trouw will close in January, so I'd advise everyone to visit and enjoy the venue before it's done. It's devastating to me, but all great things come to an end. Even the staff feel like family to me. I receive so much love here all the time.


Eat / Drink: For a full experience of the best food and wines, you must go to Foyer. Contemporary dishes accompanied by fantastic beverages—including BOYS bier—in of the most beautiful buildings of Amsterdam, which is also the beating heart of the ADE weekend.


Party: One of the most charming concert halls of Europe is the pop temple Paradiso. During ADE, you can check out a broad spectrum of dance music with the PoleGroup x Token x Perc Trax showcase as the highlight.

Detroit Swindle:

Eat / Drink: Amsterdam's best pizza place is just minutes away from both our houses: Pizza Yamyam!

Party: We've got a few really cool things we're doing during ADE. We're going to hang out with DJ Sneak and his crew for a BBQ—low riders, buffed up South Beach fitness peeps, the lot—before we party at Baut on Thursday. Then probably rip it some more for the Clone Records party at Trouw next door the same day. On Saturday, we're hosting our own night at Stadsschouwburg with Heist, Freerange and Delusions of Grandeur. That's going to be good fun with guys like 6th Borough Project (The Revenge & Craig Smith), Session Victim, Andre Lodemann, Frits Wentink and more. We're also playing Strafwerk the same night with Tom Trago, Gerd and a bunch of other cool people. And who knows, we just might do a funky pop-up party somewhere cool, but you'll have to find out during ADE.


Sightsee: If you're staying longer and want to enjoy a bit more of the city, maybe visit the impressive Rijksmuseum as it's just reopened.

Eat / Drink: If you like Italian food, I suggest Toscanini. Great atmosphere and food. Another good biological restaurant—and one of Dubfire's favorites, so it must be good—is De Kas.


Party: I would recommend checking out all of the Dekmantel and Hyte events during the week. Also, Trouw has amazing line-ups as always. And if you've never been to Awakenings before, I'd say check out the Gashouder once for sure.

Nuno Dos Santos:

Sightsee: Rent a bike to experience the city as a true local. It's the easiest and cheapest way to navigate through the city, not to mention discover the most beautiful parts along the canals. Even the creative hotspots in Amsterdam-Noord!

Eat / Drink: For lunch, check out Dun Yong near Central Station, where they only serve ramen. I always go with the same: gyoza, some chicken ramen and green tea. But everything on the menu is pretty great. For the best drinks in town, just head to the Feijoa cocktail bar.

Party: I'm resident at Trouw and the club feels almost like a second home. The location—a former newspaper factory—is amazing. It's open format with a raw industrial interior. The club closes its doors at the end of the year, so come and experience it when you can. I'm playing there on the Sunday with Mano Le Tough, Gerd Janson, Patrice Baumel, Talaboman and many more.


Stay: They've just opened a new hotel called Volkshotel across the street from Trouw, where I'm a resident. They have a restaurant and a club on the seventh floor called Canvas. The morning after a heavy night of partying, you can take a sauna or chill in the hot tubs on their roof terrace.


Eat/Drink: A favourite hangout in my area at Westerpark is Piet de Gruyter. Nice food, drinks and lovely staff.

Party: Check out Trouw of course! Also be sure to visit the new clubs Radion and Marktkantine.


Sightsee: Or, an a rainy day, take an afternoon to check out the renewed Stedelijk Museum and FOAM.

Eat / Drink: If the weather permits—and that is always an "if" in Amsterdam, unfortunately—grab a good coffee or two at Screaming Beans, Two For Joy or White Label. I also love Asian food, so the Zeedijk is always a good option. There are small restaurants with food from all over the Far East, so you cannot go wrong there. And if you happen to be on the Prinsengracht, definitely grab some food at Pondok Indah, a tiny authentic takeaway joint ran by a lovely Indonesian couple.

Party: Studio 80 and Trouw are always good choices. If you want to see yours truly in action, head over to the Ovum20 & Snatch! showcase or Modern Movement x Electronique, where I'll be playing an extended back-to-back set with my buddy Okain.