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The Last Record: Chrome Sparks's Record-Buying Philosophy is All About Friendship

The Brooklyn-based producer discussed his philosophy on buying records and the last two records he purchased.
Photo courtesy of Mamby on the Beach

Brooklyn-based producer Jeremy Malvin, who performs as Chrome Sparks, has been on a brief performing hiatus as he works on his latest album."This is the first show I've played in almost a month," Malvin said after a performance at Chicago's Mamby on the Beach music festival. "It feels good to play again and the show went really well. It was fun. It's like riding a bike, but with synthesizers."

Earlier this year, Malvin hunkered down in a cabin in the woods of upstate New York to focus on his upcoming album, which he anticipates releasing sometime in 2017. "I spent a month in the woods just to concentrate, came up with some ideas out there, and now it's just a matter of finishing it," he said.


For the rest of the summer, Malvin will continue to fine-tune his album and play a series of festival dates before embarking on his latest solo tour. For the latest edition of "The Last Record," Malvin shared his philosophy on record buying and why the latest James Holden and Floating Points collaboration is the, "sickest album ever."

1. Ambivalence Avenue by Bibio

First off, I think, if you're buying a record online or a new record at a store, I don't think you should ever buy less than two of the same record because you should give one to a friend. I think that's a good thing, so I've been trying to do that as much as I can lately, whether it's something you know a homie is really going to enjoy or it's something you want to give to somebody because you think they might like it.

I just did that with that Bibio album, Ambivalence Avenue. The full-length has been one of my favorites since I was introduced to it like seven years ago. And I immediately had to get it on vinyl, but of course that had been sold out and wasn't getting repressed. But they just repressed it, so I bought two copies of that one–one for me and one for my friend who introduced me to Bibio seven years ago. And it's so great to listen to … what's that song? It's the number one played in my iTunes … "Lover's Carvings." To listen to that on vinyl has been amazing.

2. Marhaba by Maalem Mahmoud Guinia with Floating Points and James Holden

And another record I just recently bought was the James Holden and Floating Points collaboration with ... I totally don't remember where the musicians with are from. That really shows my ignorance as a United States of America citizen. Could easily just ignorantly typify as world music which just means "not something I'm familiar with." But yeah they collaborated and it is just the sickest album ever. It's just this perfectly gooey combination of stringed instruments that I have no idea what's going on and really interesting rhythms with percussion. It's really subtle with tasteful electronics, which is all I really want to hear at the moment. So, I think that might have been the last thing I bought on vinyl.

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