Life of the Party, Best Wheels, and More Superlatives from Day 2 of the Waypoint High School 2016 Yearbook


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Life of the Party, Best Wheels, and More Superlatives from Day 2 of the Waypoint High School 2016 Yearbook

One of these students will convince you to make bad decisions. The others will help you pick up the pieces the next day.

Welcome to the Waypoint High School Class of 2016 Yearbook. We're giving out senior superlatives to our favorite games, digging into the year's biggest stories via extracurriculars, and following our favorite characters through their adventures together in fanfic. See you in 2017! 

Best Wheels: Ignis & The Regalia (Final Fantasy XV)

In high school, like in road trips, the car is everything; part freedom, part home. In the realm of cool cars, Final Fantasy XV's Regalia is the coolest. With a slick black sheen, it's ideal vessel for the whirlwind bromance of Noct and his squad. So, why does Ignis get the superlative? Well, Noctis is the rich guy who took his dad's car out for a spin, but Ignis is the dude who really knows how to handle the thing. And you? You're just grateful to be along for the sweet, sweet ride. —Julie Muncy

Best Shoulder to Cry On: Zarya (Overwatch)

Zarya has the best shoulder to cry on, because she has the best shoulders PERIOD. Like, she's an olympic power lifter. She probably has trapezius muscles that could stop bullets, delts to die for and lats for days. She's also a supportive, stoic lady who is always there for a friend in need. She'll be there for you, whether you need extra shielding while you get on that payload, or a good cry after your ex breaks up with you. Zarya is ride or die. —Danielle Riendeau


Life of the Party: Cacodemon (Doom)

Just look at that motherfucker. Can't you imagine that thing strapping two 40z to its flappy demon fingers, throwing up in your sink halfway through the second one, and passing out in the nearest bathroom? And to be honest, that's kinda how the whole experience of playing Doom feels: a giant party. It's a party where you're snapping demons in half, but that's fine.

One of the more interesting challenges for a reboot is trying to re-imagine the characters—or in this case, enemies—you're familiar with. They need to different enough to be new and refreshing, but not change enough that you can't draw a through line between the designs. This, among many other traits, is what made Doom such a special game; it constantly found ways to modernize without alienating, capturing the spirit of nostalgia without feeling beholden. —Patrick Klepek

Most Likely to Cheer You Up: Popplio (Pokemon Sun and Moon)

Sure, Zarya might be the best shoulder to cry on, but there's a difference between someone you can vent to and someone who can actually brighten your day when you're down.  That latter sort of person is much more rare, and normally, the sort of people who try to cheer you up are the ones you least want to be around when you're upset. But not Popplio.

Maybe it's his contagious laugh, or his liquid voice, or the fact that he's been able to hang onto  his natural positivity even under a torrent of abuse. But I think it might be the way that his optimism is grounded in reality. He isn't naive. He knows very well that his peers are more popular than he is. But he truly believes in his own potential. And hey, you know what? He believes in yours, too. —Austin Walker

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