Winter Ruined Your Skin, So Put This on Your Face

Ukrainians swear by it.
February 23, 2017, 5:00pm

You feel like shit. And while doctors, pharmacy counters, and Tylenol PM are all there for you no matter what, what's probably missing is the TLC that only the woman who raised you can provide. The healing capabilities of a mother is a universal concept—no matter where in the world you are, there are moms with tricks up their sleeves to make their babies better. This is International Mom Advice, a hub for natural healers and homesick kids alike.


Do you ever think about what your wild nights out do to your skin? Or how many wrinkles you'll have by 2020 courtesy of Trump? In these trying times, what we need might be the at-home skin treatment of Svetlana Koifman, mother of 25 years with the skin of a 25-year-old. Salvage your face with honey, oatmeal, sour cream and a dash of maternal love in the form of a simple, all-natural mask.

"There was very little access to beauty products," says Koifman, who hails from Kiev, Ukraine. The city's harsh winters would leave her skin dull and parched, so beauty masks were of particularly high value.

All you need to do to glow like Koifman is mix two dollops of sour cream with a spoon of honey, which is a great moisturizer, and can even heal wounds. Top it off with a spoon of raw oatmeal—a natural exfoliator of dead skin—which is her key to radiant skin.

Once the mask is sufficiently mixed, just distribute evenly on your face and let it sit for twenty minutes. Rinse it off, and appreciate the supple baby's bottom that is now your face.

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