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Listen to Episode 5 of the Waypoint UK Podcast: Loved Up and a Little Lusty

It’s almost Valentine’s, so naturally we’re talking about those times games try to get sexy.

Above: 'Mass Effect 2' screenshot of imminent hanky-panky courtesy of EA/BioWare.

It's February. And February means Valentine's. Which for some people is a Very Good Thing. For others, Not So Much. But what it definitely means is that we can talk about love and snogs and honks and bonks in video games, over the years, in episode five of the Waypoint UK Podcast.

Waypoint senior editor Mike Diver is joined by regular contributor around these parts Kate Gray, beside radio presenter, gaming enthusiast, The Football Ramble host and Monkey-Island-tattoo-haver Pete Donaldson.

Up for discussion: Kate's new column for Waypoint, Kiss and Tell. Bagpiping (don't Google it). Ladykiller in a Bind. To shag or not to shag when offered the chance to shag in role-playing games. The greatest love affairs of gaming past and present. Video gaming porn parodies. What Master Chief looks like under all that armor. And games that are actually out on February 14th, none of which seem to have a lot to do with copping off (more blowing things off, things like ballsacks). We also answer a few reader questions about games starring all manner of dangly bits.

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