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Watch This Guy Jump Onto a Trampoline Lined with 1,000 Mousetraps

Heeeeere's the latest from the Slow Mo Guys.

There's something strangely beautiful about watching a full-grown man jump from a ladder onto a trampoline lined with 1,000 mousetraps. This stunt was captured in stunning slow motion in the latest video from The Slow Mo Guys, a viral YouTube channel run by Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy. The premise of their show is simple: armed with a professional high-speed camera, Free and Gruchy film different stunts and performances to show you the world in slow motion. For this particular video, the two Englishmen spent four hours laying out mousetraps across the entire surface of the trampoline in their backyard. When the final trap was laid, Gruchy leaped from the top of a step ladder onto the bed of traps causing them to spring into the air like a wave crashing upon rocks. It may sound dull in writing, but seeing it in slow motion is something special. Check it out for yourself below:


Check out The Slow Mo Guys YouTube channel, here.


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