New Yorkers Still Hate Trump


This story is over 5 years old.


New Yorkers Still Hate Trump

On Thursday, the president made his first visit back to his hometown since he was inaugurated. Security was tight.

Before Donald Trump arrived in Manhattan, there was a heavy police presence around Trump Tower and the Peninsula Hotel, where the president was scheduled to meet Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull. There were lots of barricades in the streets, even though no protesters had showed yet:

Turnbull and Trump were attending a black-tie event aboard the Intrepid, a decommissioned aircraft carrier that is now a museum. This was to honor the Battle of the Coral Sea, in World War II, where Americans and Australians fought the Japanese. Here is an NYPD scuba team inspecting the Intrepid beforehand:

Trump was delayed because he wanted to stay in Washington, DC, to celebrate the House passing the American Health Care Act, a bill that if it became law would lead to millions of people losing their health insurance. But though he wasn't in New York by midday, his supporters were out and about at Trump Tower:

As were lots of his detractors. Most New Yorkers are against Trump, and there were protesters lining the streets around the Intrepid in both directions:

Some of the costumes were pretty impressive:

Other protesters were there to make a point about the healthcare bill:

As attendees for the black-tie event showed up, they were heckled:

Hundreds of demonstrators were chanting "shame, shame, shame" as these people walked past on the other side of the barricades:

There were some Trump supporters around, and police moved them to a separate area, presumably to cut down on the possibility of conflict:

Trump eventually did arrive at the Intrepid. This was as close as I could get. I think at this point he has to be used to people yelling at him.