[Exclusive] Dream the Day Away with Gelatinous, City-Flooding Clouds
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[Exclusive] Dream the Day Away with Gelatinous, City-Flooding Clouds

Patrick Jean—who created the viral video that inspired Adam Sandler's 'Pixels'—directs a surreal visuals for Andy C's remix of "Speed Of Light" by Pegboard Nerds.

If the feeling of daydreaming was distilled into a gelatinous goo that became sentient and flooded an entire city, it might look something like Patrick Jean's new video for Andy C's remix of the Pegboard Nerds track, "Speed Of Light."

The concept is similar to Jean's 2010 short, Pixels, in which 80s arcade games invade New York City. Instead of swarming blocks of color, it looks like someone melted René Magritte's The Infinite Recognition into an oozing fluid and set it loose to terrorize Paris. Plants, birds, and entire city blocks are consumed by the stuff.


"Here is a take on a theme I love to explore: familiar, friendly things suddenly becoming scary and taking over on our everyday lives or environments," Jean explains to Creators. It's also present in his video for Boys Noize's "Ich R U," completely made from animated computer keys, and short film, Motorville, which brings shapes on a map to life."I had fun twisting the nature of daylight, turning it into a jelly-like substance devouring everything it touches," he continues.

Inspired by Magritte's paintings and Pink Floyd album cover artist Storm Thorgerson's iconic images, Jean combined footage shot on anamorphic lenses with animations designed in After Effects over the course of two months. "I sent it to Pegboard Nerds manager Alec Udell, who thought of turning it into a music video for Andy C's remix of "Speed Of Light." I agreed since it was creating an interesting counterpoint: the 'speed of light' in the video is actually quite slow—but inexorable and unstoppable."

Watch the video for the Pegboard Nerds track "Speed Of Light" (Andy C Remix), below: