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Jlin Shares Stirring New Collaboration with William Basinski

"Holy Child" is off the producer's highly-anticipated sophomore album 'Black Origami.'
Photo of Jlin by Mahdumita Nandi

Gary, Indiana-based experimentalist Jerrilynn Patton, a.k.a. Jlin, today shared a haunted new track off her upcoming sophomore album Black Origami. "Holy Child" is a collaboration with experimental composer William Basinski—perhaps best known for his tape decay-based work The Disintegration Loops—and it began when he emailed her a loop of Baltic folk singers, according to a recent interview with Pitchfork.


The track is an enveloping suite of skittering vocal fragments and free jazz-esque drums, given a faint sense of cohesion by the underlying bass pattern. Though at first blush it might sound like chaotic improvisation, the complex arrangement was clearly labored over intensely.

"Composing music for me is like origami, only I'm replacing paper with sound," said Patton in a press release about the album. "I chose to title the album 'Black Origami' because like 'Dark Energy' I still create from the beauty of darkness and blackness. The willingness to go into the hardest places within myself to create for me means that I can touch the Infinity."

Black Origami will be released by Planet Mu on May 19, and is available for pre-order.

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