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Banksy Made a Mural About Brexit

The elusive street artist makes his first statement about the UK's impending departure from the European Union.
May 8, 2017, 4:22pm
Image via Banksy on Instagram.

Banksy posted a picture of a new anti-Brexit mural to his Instagram on Sunday. Located in Dover, southeast England, the new piece depicts a metalworker removing a star from the EU flag using a hammer and a chisel. Representatives of the enigmatic street artist have confirmed the work's authenticity, making it Banksy's first acknowledgment of the UK's impending departure from the European Union. Like many of his previous artworks, the location of the work plays a vital role in its message.


According to The Guardian, the mural went up overnight on the Castle Amusements building located next to the ferry terminal that connects the UK with the rest of Europe. The building is also located across the English Channel from Calais, where there was once a massive refugee camp.

This artwork goes up amidst a monumental election for France, where the pro-EU centrist, Emmanuel Macron, has beat far-right Front National candidate Marine Le Pen by a margin of almost two-to-one. Creators previously covered Banksy's new hotel on the West Bank.

Find out more about the new Banksy mural here.


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