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Harrison's Funk-Tinged Adrian Underhill Remix Will Sweep Away Your Self-Doubt

The Toronto producer breathes new life into the Kindness-produced "Not Good Enough."
Adrian Underhill

As he's proven with his ever-expanding catalogue, including last year's debut album Checkpoint Titanium, Toronto producer Harrison's best work often comes from finding the silver linings in melancholic situations.

Therefore, he's the perfect person to rework Toronto songwriter Adrian Underhill's wistful new single "Not Good Enough," which was produced by British triple threat Kindness. Harrison's version more closely resembles a collaboration than a remix, as he imbues the track with robust chording, a funk-tinged groove, and an illustrious slew of synths (including his beloved DX7).

"When we were recording the album version we toyed with the idea of making it more upbeat but ultimately decided to strip it back and keep it low-key," the singer tells THUMP over email. "Now, in a way, we get to have both versions!"

Listen to the track below and look for Underhill's debut album out later this year.

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