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Some of the Best Advice May Come From Video Games

It may seem like an unlikely source, but VG Advisor on Twitter shows that some solid advice comes from video games of the past and present.

We always need some good advice every now and then. Sometimes a wise, older person we know bestows it upon us, or maybe sometimes we just get it from a friend. Or perhaps you just read whatever's inside your fortune cookie after dinner. But did you ever imagine that one of the best sources of life lessons out there might just come from video games?

Video Game Advisor has become pretty popular since its inception in December 2014. It has amassed more than 15,000 followers since that time, and has continued to grow. Sometimes the quotes on the timeline can be pretty silly. Others tend to be a bit more thought provoking. But on occasion, the account can be really poignant, and even be downright inspiring at times.


Image: VG Advisor

"I used to read Zany Video Game Quotes a lot back in the day, and I think it was partly the idea of bringing something like that back," VG Advisor told Motherboard. (Citing privacy concerns, he declined to give his full name.) "So I thought about how, by the nature of how games work, they end up speaking to you directly a lot, and a lot of those statements end up sounding absurd or bizarre or even strangely philosophical out of context. So I imagined advice and fortune cookie-style 'words of wisdom' that were nothing but that."

Thinking that a Twitter account dedicated to highlighting words of wisdom in video games can help people out is kinda silly. But at the same time, some of those words can really help in troubled times, such as this quote from Final Fantasy X that ran the day of the massacre in Orlando. Sometimes the most inspiring quote can be from the most unlikely of sources.

"I've seen some 'I needed to hear that today' comments." VG Advisor continued. "There is good advice there, and sometimes people just need to hear something positive. But I also try to space out the more political or dickish ones, because some people will take that stuff too seriously."

That's how most advice runs. Sometimes people will take it to heart, either in a good or bad way. Some people will just ignore it. Fifteen thousand people seem to heed VG Advisor's quotes. Whether they actually follow it or not is anyone's guess, but it's proven to be a treasure trove of funny and insightful quotes from video games of all generations.

"You have to appreciate the inherent silliness in getting life advice from a video game," he said, "and sometimes that means a dolphin in an aviator cap(Jp-US)%5B) telling you to put fish in you mouth."