This story is over 5 years old.

This Talking Parrot Mimics the 'OK Google' Noise

For your middle of the workday ills.

Life is all about the simple things that bring us joy. And who knew that mimicking the "OK Google" noise could bring so much satisfaction? To Coco, the African grey parrot, it brings sheer, unadulterated delight—much as it does to everyone else watching her.

Over the weekend, YouTuber MissSadieSue put up this six-second video of her and Coco doing the iconic Google exchange. This will either give you a much needed mental boost in the midst of a drab workday like a five hour shot of happiness, or it will kill all your productivity by casting you down a spiraling abyss of talking bird videos.

African grey's are renowned for their intelligence and exceptional skills at talking and mimicking sounds and Coco is no exception. Not only did she learn the sound, but she learned the proper exchange of phrases as well. Tell Coco "OK Google" and she'll respond with the bloop sound. It's human intelligence meets artificial intelligence meets avian intelligence.

Now if you could only teach her all the tasks of Google Home.