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A List of Free Terrible Google Pixel Headlines

Pixel your favorite.

Google's new smartphone, the Google Pixel, was unveiled yesterday. It's pretty much what you would expect from a smartphone in 2016 (a camera, apps, a talking assistant, a sleek, curved rectangular shape). Honestly, I'd argue the biggest change from previous Google phones is in the name.

Instead of going with its usual "Nexus" branding as in years past, Google this year decided to use the same name as its discontinued laptop line and its weird clunky tablet from last year.

Anyway, with the new Pixel phone out now, here are my suggested terrible, punny headlines for all those people out there reviewing and writing about it:

  • Pixel Perfect
  • Pixel Imperfect
  • Pixel Not-So Perfect
  • 2 Pixel 2 Perfect
  • Pixel Sticks
  • The Pixel Of The Litter
  • Pixel, Please
  • Pixel Dust
  • Pixel Elated
  • The Pixelated Life
  • The Pixel Effect
  • You Know Dasher And Dancer And Prancer And Pixel

Sorry for this.

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