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Leviathan's Matt Daly re-teams with VSL and David Corso

The Marquee's dazzling custom media system is controlled by an iPad.
April 13, 2011, 8:44pm

Matt Daly, Chief Scientist for design-focused production studio Leviathan, has a long history of collaborating with VJ, producer and director Vello Virkhaus, creative director Emilio Sa, event marketing impresario David Corso, and their colleagues from V Squared Labs (VSL) and Corso Communications.

For the illustrious Tao Group and its Marquee Nightclub at the recently opened Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, VSL and Corso developed a dazzling, intelligent media system leveraging original HD animation and live-action HD content produced and directed by VSL, which is all controlled by an Apple iPad running a hybrid, real-time interactive VJ software app.

Matt Daly is among the lead developers in creating that audio/video DJ FX app providing real-time control over the new Marquee media system and its generative, audio reactive computer graphics.

More information is available here.

Marquee images courtesy of

Mikey McNulty