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Around the World in 80 Raves: Strawberry Switchblade, Philadelphia

Where B-boys get into fights with drag queens, and Gun$ Garcia lords over it all.

Around The World in 80 Raves takes you into the basements, warehouses, and back rooms where the magic happens—from Caracas to Calgary and back. Photo credit: Strawberry Switchblade/Fame Lust

NAME: Strawberry Switchblade

LOCATION: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

RESIDENTS: Gun$ Garcia, Grotzy Versace, Spank Rock


VIBE: Ratchet Sunday Funday

VENUE: TheRuby Lounge of Voyeur Nightclub, a 12,000 square foot club that feels like a flashy, Vegas-style lounge




Poor Philly. The actually legitimate city is often ignored by other elitist club scenes. But the city is doing just fine without the extra attention—it has its own scene, with major players who aren't counting on outsiders to take the Mega Bus out there. One of the most ratchet scenes the fine city has claimed for itself is Strawberry Switchblade, a party named after a Scottish female new wave band that, like its namesake, manages to be both badass and sweet at the same damn time.

The party is anchored by resident DJ Gun$ Garcia, an all-around bad bitch who warns nine-to-fivers that this scene may not be suited for them. The night usually starts off with rapper and fellow resident DJ Spank Rock casually spinning 90s R&B throwbacks. Before you know it, you're grinding to booty jams while clutching a pint of Red Bull vodka. Some dude with a "Live Forever" tattoo is dancing with his shirt off in the corner, truly feeling invincible.

Turns out that shirtless guy is Grotzy Versace, another resident DJ. Figures. He and Gun$ Garcia step up to the plate next, supplying high energy dance vibes to help you make it to 3AM.

Even though Strawberry Switchblade's goal is to give you the opportunity to say "Fuck you, my weekend isn't over," you might have to face the cold, hard reality that your weekend is indeed over when the bouncer is pushing you out the door at 3:30. In which case, feel free to linger at the pizza place next door.


Watching a B-boy start a fight with a drag queen by pulling her hair when she wouldn't oblige him with a dance-off.