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We Just Hit 100k SoundCloud Followers. Download Every MIXED BY Ever For Free

Happy Holidays, you mix lovers.

We kicked off our MIXED BY series over a year ago with a live set from FaltyDL in Berlin—fast forward to the closing notes of 2014, and the series has continued to evolve, grow and thrive into one the most beloved aspects of what we do at THUMP. From the ethereal melodies of Bonobo, to slick house-grooves courtesy of Kidnap Kid and Felix Da Housecat, to enlightened newcomers like Nick Monaco, and smash-sensation Clean Bandit, it's become a place for our favorite selectors to stretch their legs, bend our minds, and show time and time again why they are the best in the business.


In addition to what we do with MIXED BY (and our newer ON DECK series) the THUMP Soundcloud page has been a treasured showcase of our daily output, a place where we host, and share with all of you wonderful people, the music that means the most to us, released by many of your (and our) favorite artists and most buzzworthy newcomers.

We just broke 100,000 followers on Soundcloud, and to help celebrate, and share the love (and impending holiday spirit) with you all—we've put together a little dropbox of the ten highest performing MIXED BY's in the history of the series, and you can download them all in one tidy little bundle of joy. And hey, by the way, you know that all of our MIXED BY's are available to download for free on our Soundcloud, right? Think about that for a second. And then go to our SoundCloud. Have fun, go mad.

Play it, download it, share it with your mom, neighbor, labradoodle, and best friend, or lover. It might be cliché but it's true—music makes the world go 'round.


Happy Holidays, you pagan miscreants! And endless props to our most talented graphic designer, Geoff Kim.