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Alexander Skancke's "Found My Place" EP is Dance Tunes From the Tropics of Budapest

Peep the whole EP, with wicked remixes from Vinny Villbass
September 5, 2014, 10:12pm

Alexander Skancke's original version of "Found My Place" feat. HEwrote is a spacey, near-tropical jaunt with feelsy, distant vocals -- Not an immediate shout for a dance floor banger. The Found My Place EP, though, released on Eskimo next week, features remixes by Vinny Villbass that keep the higher-brow notions intact, but bring house grooves in spades. Oskar Offerman closes the EP out with a mimimalist conclusion.


The creation of the tune begins in music school. Skancke explains, "It all started with a project at my school where I was studying sound design, so it was a whole lot of experimenting actually. We all had to create a track from scratch and all the different sounds had to be recorded with microphones. And the track had to include vocals so I knew I had to go out of my comfort zone to something different than I usually do.. So basically what you hear is all either live-instruments or drum machines / synths recorded through a guitar amplifier."

Skancke recently moved to Budapest, and it's been good for his creative process. "It is definitely a city for partying," he explains. "Flights coming in every day with people from all over Europe for super cheap beer and Budapest's famous Ruin pubs. In the underground scene there's not that much happening really, it's growing, but slowly. So this means for me that it's the perfect balance between partying and being productive in the studio."

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