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This Guy Claims to Have Invented a Chocolate Bar That Eases Period Pains

A Swiss chocolatier has taken the women-and-chocolate stereotype to new levels, claiming to have invented a bar that can ease menstrual cramps.
Phoebe Hurst
London, GB
November 7, 2016, 3:30pm
Foto via imago

Ladies love chocolate, amiright?! If they're not gossipping with gal pals over a bag of Minstrels, they're cradling tubs of Ben & Jerry's and watching The Notebook for the 50th time, or going goo-eyed over heart-shaped boxes of Thorntons.

Few food cliches prove as steadfast as women and chocolate—something advertising execs have been exploiting for years, despite the fact that many with two X chromosomes feel entirely ambivalent towards cocoa products.


And now, it seems one Swiss man has taken the stereotype to new levels, claiming to have invented a chocolate that can ease period pains.


Marc Widmer is a Lucerne-based pastry chef and chocolatier, and head of a chocolate company named Chocolate with Love (no comment). As Swiss newspaper 20 Minuten reports, Widmer has created a new herbal chocolate bar designed to combat menstrual cramps.

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Christened "Frauenmond," which translates from Swiss as "Women's Moon," the chocolate bar contains 60-percent cocoa solids and 17 Swiss mountain herbs. When the herbs and molecules interact, they apparently produce a calming effect on the body.

Widmer told 20 Minuten: "We want to make the menstruation days of women more comfortable."

The chocolatier, who worked with luxury sweet manufacturers Sprüngli before taking it upon himself to alleviate women's menstrual issues, added that the idea came to him three years ago after he met the producers of a herbal tea. He worked with herbalists for several months to figure out how to best mix herbs with chocolate.

And guys, if you're feeling a left out over not having your own specially gendered confectionary item, fear not. Widmer says Women's Moon can be enjoyed by dudes too!

He added: "Of course men can also eat the chocolate. I myself have already tried [it]."

What a time to be alive.