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Thief Breaks Into Car, Steals Only a Kit Kat, Leaves Remorseful Note

As for the thief, who is still out of the spotlight: We hope you enjoyed that Kit Kat as much as the world enjoyed your bizarre, shaky little note.
Hilary Pollack
Los Angeles, US
Foto via imago

In many states in America, breaking and entering is a felony. That includes the burglary of not just homes, but vehicles, too.

So it's not NBD to smash the window of a Honda and grab a laptop or car stereo that appears enticing (or, at least, expensive)—it could mean massive fines, probation, or even months or years of jail time.

But the courts might be a little puzzled by one recent incident that took place in Kansas. Sometimes, in place of expensive sunglasses or electronics to resell for meth money, you just want a snack.


A student at Kansas State University by the name of Hunter Jobbins recently returned to his unlocked car, which had been parked unattended in front of his dorm building for just 15 minutes, and found his recently purchased Kit Kat absent and this note in its place.

Left my car for maybe 15 minutes in front of the dorms and I come back to this. College man

— Hunter Jobbins (@jabbins) October 30, 2016

Apparently, a hungry passerby had spotted the chocolate bar and simply could not resist its lure, despite the moral and potential legal consequences. With just a napkin and a crappy ballpoint pen at their disposal, they attempted to right their wrong.

However, the thoughtful thief did clarify that they didn't touch anything else and, more importantly, that they were sorry for their deed. Jobbins shrugged the incident off as "College, man."

Jobbins told Metro: "When I came across it at first, I was kinda upset and wondering what happened to my Kit Kat, then I realised how funny it was that it happened so my frustration turned into laughter."

Among those more concerned about the incident than its victim: Kit Kat, which offered to replace the stolen bar.

@jabbins Who steals someones Kit Kat?! WHO DOES THAT?! Shoot us a DM and we'll replace it for you ?

— Kit Kat (@KitKat_US) October 31, 2016

And based on some of the responses that Jobbins received on Twitter, it sounds like this incident wasn't the only of its kind.


— Kit Kat (@KitKat_US) October 31, 2016

As for the thief, who is still at large: We hope you enjoyed that Kit Kat as much as the world enjoyed your weird, shaky little note.