Man Allegedly Shoots Gun in Pizzeria, Then Says He's 'Just Kidding'

After firing the shot, witnesses say that Curry said, “I’m just kidding, guys!”
August 9, 2016, 9:00pm

"I'm just kidding, guys!"

We've all said it from time to time, but if you really think about it, "I'm just kidding, guys!" is the ultimate statement in passive aggression. After all, don't we utter those words when we want to hurl an insult without owning up to it? Or, even worse, when we are trying to cover up an embarrassingly blatant error? Sometimes, there's simply nothing more tempting than a delicately placed "I'm just kidding" when you want to evade the consequences of your own pathetic words or actions.

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But if you really think about it, most "I'm just kiddings" don't work. Like, at all. The person on the receiving end usually believes that the thing you actually did or said was the truer expression of your feelings and intent.

Cody Ryan Curry needs to learn this lesson fast. The 24-year-old allegedly pulled out a handgun and fired a round in a crowded pizzeria in Louisville, Kentucky on the night of August 5. That's pretty bad behavior, but even more ridiculous was that after firing the shot, witnesses say that Curry said, "I'm just kidding, guys!"

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Not surprisingly, Louisville Metro police didn't believe the incident, which took place at Spinelli's Pizzeria, was really some sort of absurd joke. They promptly arrested Curry. After questioning, Curry admitted to having two handguns on him, a Beretta 9mm and Glock 10mm, both hidden under his shirt. Given that Curry did not have a concealed carry permit and that he confessed to having fired the gun inside the restaurant—which was full of customers and small children—his "I'm just kidding, guys!" evidently did him no good. He was charged with first-degree wanton endangerment and carrying a concealed deadly weapon, both felonies in the state of Kentucky.

Curry has a history of tangling with the law. Because of an incident that occurred in April, court records show that he also faces charges of first-degree enhanced drug trafficking, complicity buying or possessing drug paraphernalia, and complicity possession of marijuana.

Hey—maybe he was kidding back in April too. Who knows? Come on, guys!