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Giant Polygon Sculpture Looks Like an Interdimensional Sea Goddess

Street artist APACH's low poly sculpture, 'DIVA,' makes waves in the French Alps.
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If you notice a massive, polygonal being sunning itself by the sea, you may have just stumbled upon DIVA, an 11.5-foot-tall paper sculpture hand-built by French artist Thomas Voillaume, a.k.a APACH. DIVA is made up of 853 triangles, constructed over four weeks of repetitive tracing, cutting, and assembly which APACH says put him in a trance-like state, opening, "les portes d'une autre dimension"—the door to another dimension—as the sculpture took shape. The giant humanoid looks like it could have wandered ashore from some other reality, while its two-part structure creates the illusion of it phasing right through the ground.


In addition to giant, extradimensional sculptures, APACH builds outdoor laser installations, other low-poly paper humanoids, and street art. Watch the making-of DIVA in the video below:

See more of APACH's work on his website.


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