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Hot Wax in Cold Water Makes Alienesque Bronze Sculptures

Dutch artist Pascal Smelik uses melted candle wax to create objects he calls 'Kaarsrecht'; stools, glasses, and candleholders with fluid, organic shapes.

They look like elongated whips and bulges of organic shapes. Using a large syringe, Dutch designer Pascal Smelik squirts melted wax into an aquarium tank filled with cold water to create oozing bronze casts. These provisional wax shapes are used to make gypsum moulds later cast into bronze objects he calls Kaarsrecht; stools, glasses, or candleholders.

Kaarsrecht roughly translates as “upright,” hinting to the levity of the materials and processes. The bronze casts assume the convolutions of the melted wax, producing one-of-a-kind products every time a new object is made. He calls it “a spontaneous design language” to making traditional products, which include markings of risks and mistakes in their final manifestations. Check them out below:


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