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This High Tech Table Is Straight Out of 'Minority Report'

The boardrooms of the future could be a lot more like science fiction.
Images courtesy Lab101

Swiping media with interactive augmented reality table, Polar, is like taking a ride through the world of Tron. Designed to be a central hub at Hello Space, a pop-up event in Brussels, the 10' in diameter “content presenter” combines a Leap motion sensor with four HD projectors and an iPad controller to bring the browsing experience one step closer to the futuristic interfaces of Iron Man and Minority Report.


The final product was the result of a collaboration between three talented tech design studios: bump. came up with the general concept, Lab101 coded the animations, and designed and realized the interactive experience. Describes, “The visual result was stunning and the UI really augments the physical design of the table. This effect was even greater at night when the table was visible in the closed shop.” Currently, the three teams are hard at work on the second iteration of Polar.

Polar from Lab101 on Vimeo.


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