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Animators Reinvent the Cheeky Eggplant Emoji

Anna Ginsburg and Sam Taylor elevate the eggplant to a new level of appeal.
All GIFs courtesy the artist and Strange Beast, a creative studio

An artist, who has developed tour visuals and several entertaining short videos, gives the culture-hungry population more of what they really can’t get enough of: The eggplant emoji.

Animator and film director, Anna Ginsburg partners with Freddy Taylor to create a no-frills website, Spin the Aub, which features a simple interface and a customized spot for the deliciously cheeky aubergine. The enthralling website instantly opens up into a compact series of finely-detailed eggplants, each designed with their own specific animation style. One digitally-realized aub undoes itself into an endless loop of smaller aubs, mimicking the self-contained gimmick of Russian nesting dolls. Another version wears a purple coat of implacable yet appealing texture, preening its glossy fur with every rotation. In total, Ginsburg creates nine unique aubergines, some with computer generation, and others by hand-drawing. Every aub in the collection is composed of 100 drawings. Some of the preliminary and manual aspects of creating the vegetable form consisted of laser-cutting several aubergine shapes, painting them, then wrapping the shapes in rubber bands. Each aubergine is set to a soundtrack by FrnkBoff.


Take these eggplants for a spin on the official website and through these GIFs, right here:

And the all-mighty and original aubergine:

Explore more of Anna Ginsburg’s contemporary artwork on her website, here.


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