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Pop Art Alphabet Made from Circuit Boards, Fruit, and Tools

New Delhi-based graphic designers took up the ‘36 Days of Type’ challenge and the results are colorful and inventive.
Images courtesy of the artist

The typography project 36 Days of Type invites designers, illustrators and graphic designers to develop a unique take on the numbers of the alphabet and numbers. Each day the designers are tasked with creating a letter or number, with the end goal being to show these symbols in all of their multitudinous glory.

New Delhi-based graphic designer Khyati Trehan recently took up the 36 Days of Type challenge. As can be seen, Trehan got incredibly imaginative and inventive with her typographic creations, using, amongst other things, circuit boards, ginger root, and a vintage telephone to create her type.


“This alphabet series uses photo manipulation to illustrate common objects in uncommon forms,” Trehan tells The Creators Project. “The objects are distorted to create letters, some of which are inspired by the initial [look] of the object itself.”

The results are vibrantly colored with a heavy Pop art flavor. All in all, it’s pretty fantastic work, especially considering the time limitations.

Click here to see more of Khyati Trehan’s typography and graphic design work.


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