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This Audiobook Series Will Turn You On

Experience the erotic adventures of Badbadtati, in seven naughty audio episodes.
Erotic photos by the entry of the dark room, 0fr Librairie, Paris mai 2016 - © Lisa Burek

In the back room of Parisian bookseller 0fr., people sit in the dark. Discreetly, they listen to the lusty words of Badbadtati, spoken in a delicate but quirky french accent. A little further in, in a corner, bodies are entangled, touching themselves and each other on fluffy cushions. Others peruse the erotic photos lining the room. Altogether, it's a very sensual The atmosphere.

The sound installation, by Tatiana Gecmen Waldeck, is a gentle entry to concupiscence. In seven episodes, Badbadtati (the voice of Tatiana Gecmen Waldeck's character) and her vagina, Lychee, satisfy their sexual appetites from Venice to Ibiza, from nightclub bathroom hookups to hotel room orgies. Badbadtati does everything to meet Lychee's sexual needs.


Waldeck's choice of the name “lychee” is almost a given. "The lychee is a game. The way we eat it, the way we munch it. Its color. It is juicy but firm at the same time. And it's damn good," she tells The Creators Project with a mischievous look, sitting on a bench surrounded by the shop's artsy, sexy book collection.

Coming from a world of fashion, the half-Austrian, half-French Waldeck started her Badbadtati project three years ago. "I have always been interested in contemporary art, French libertinism, independent film, etc. And with that as my background, I decided to finally start the project. As a child, I had a lot of tapes that told all kinds of stories. I was always traveling whenever I listened to those tapes. Having that experience inspired me to create my own adult story."

badbadtati is nuaghty.png

But this adult story mixes fantasy with fact: "There is everything in Badbadtati. There are my own experiences but there are also romanticized or exaggerated stories, fantasies that I wish I lived." Ranging from 20 to 25 minutes, each episode gives the listener an opportunity to get lost in a daydream of thought, desire, and often humor. The word "ironic" is repeated at the beginning of each story, and the voice of Lychee is deliberately garish.

"It's a lot of work, but I do not take myself too seriously. This is entertainment before all. It always important to have a touch of humor, whether we talk about sex or something more grievous," says Waldeck.


Beneath it all, however, there lies an idiom of pornography. While the YouPorn generation consumes sex by watching videos, Badbadtati stimulates the sexual apetite in another way: "Imagination is important, and we have a lack of it these days. We’re losing it," she says to The Creators Project. "The word 'sensuality' is increasingly flouted, too," she continues. "Sexy, sexy, sexy. The term 'sexy' is everywhere. But we often forget that we can be sexy without showing anything, sometimes even without saying anything."


Tatiana Gecmen Waldeck, saying hello to a friend at the opening of Badbadtati event, 0fr Librairie, Paris mai 2016 - © Lisa Burek

Badbadtati is both feminine and feminist. Beneath her storytelling adventures, there is the voice and personal diary of a woman who assumes her sexual discovery, at a time when female stimulation is tragically underexplored. "It is important for us to discover ourselves," adds Tatiana, "to wonder what excites us in our own intimacy. Is it a big cock? Is it seeing two lesbians kiss and lick each other? Is it to see a girl who is brutally gangbanged? I never really read much about what girls really like about masturbation. There are so many different states of mind and fantasies. It is important to take them all, without judgment."

"He sucked me up to the last beat of my contraction." Badbadtati Episode 1 - "The Power of Strangers WC Rules."

Thus, the personification of her vagina embodies this will to sexual appetite. Lychee is naughty, curious, and fearless. And at the same time, she never loses an ounce of self-esteem. The erotic episodes don't drift into a harmful sexuality. Perniciousness, in fact, is not Waldeck's intention: "This project is not for torture. It is not for an audience that will seek sexuality in pain. Badbadtati is having good fun, and the next day, she's glad she did it the way she did."


Waldeck is already working on a second season. This time, Badbadtati will be freaky—the author says she will explore the emotion of fear. Download and listen to the first naughty season here.


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