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Cindy Sherman Is an Icon...Literally

Now you can replace your emojis with the many faces of the master conceptual artist.

She's an icon in the art world, something of a human chameleon, a "master of disguise" with the ability to transform her own image into the likeness of celebrities, iconic movie characters, and important figures throughout history. Now, in the world of text messaging, she's the artful alternative to the famous smiling poop emoji. Cindy Sherman-Icon is a project by designer Hyo Hong, that turns the prolific American photographer and conceptual artist into ideograms.


Explains Hong, who in the past put augmented reality art on subway tickets, and helped rebrand the Museum of the Moving Image, "I found an iconic connection between her self-portraits and emoticons in terms of various facial expressions from one face." So, feeling dramatic? Why not send a portrait from her Untitled Film Stills series. Regal? Choose a face from her 1980s color Untitled photos. A large part of the beauty and meme-potential of her work comes from the fact that her photo recreations are able to speak volumes without saying anything at all. For decades she's been at the forefront of contemporary art, but now, she can be at the forefront of your mobile messages. Move over, Kanye emojis—real artistry just hit the text game.

Click here to download Cindy Sherman-Icon, and visit Hyo Hong's website for more work.

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