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Anti-Gravity Dance Machine Proves Olafur Eliasson Just Has More Fun

This is what happens when the mind behind 'Contact,' 'World Illuminator,' and 'Moon' wants to have some fun.

Olafur Eliasson's celesital visions in Contact are divine, his Little Suns do good in developing nations (and look great doing so, mind you), and Moon, his collaboration with Ai Weiwei, literally transcends the physical world, but we're not sure what tops this demonstration of the famed artist's new ad hoc anti-gravity machine. Using a harness, a giant beam, and what appears to be a plain old rock as a counterbalance, Eliasson bounces around the room like Lance Armstrong on the moon, except that you can see the pure joy of weightlessness on his face the whole time. We can't speculate as to how this machine may be used in his future work, but we don't have to, to know that it looks awesome.


The video, titled Anti-Gravity Dance, is just the latest in a string of videos Eliasson has posted to Vimeo with little-to-no information, offering tiny windows into his everyday life and work. The videos themselves range from a gorgeous inside view of his Your Rainbow Panorama installation in Denmark, to this video of slow-motion breakdancers at the 2014 Festival of Future Nows.

If you can avoid getting lost in the above GIF of him moon-jumping over and over again, find more of Eliasson's videos on Vimeo.

See more of Olafur Eliasson's work on his website.


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