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Bang on a Canvas to Make Art with This Sex Paint Kit

Allure Art is the ideal Valentine's Day gift for significant others who need a jolt of creativity.
Allure art kit
Images courtesy Allure Art

Making art and making love have a lot in common—hard work is vital, for one thing—but Latvian creatives Elina Vaivode and her partner Toms Grinbergs have united the two with a project called the Allure Art Kit. It's everything you need to make a completely original artwork by banging on top of a canvas while covered in paint.

The Allure Art Kit comes with a cotton canvas, washable and safe paints with your choice of color, a protective plastic floor cover, two pairs of disposable slippers and a shower sponge. That covers everything from setup to wash down. All you have to do is a bit of creative cuddling, a quick rinse, and then some picture frame shopping.


Sex has been portrayed in art since the cave painting days, and artists have been applying naked flesh to canvas for decades, but the idea of a kit that can safely turn the erotic into art is relatively new. "Yves Klein's use of the naked body on canvas is something I definitely admire," Vaivode tells The Creators Project. "We are deeply into Jackson Pollock and the abstract expressionism movement—but I can’t say that this is where the core inspiration for the idea came from," she admits.


"It all started as a home made art experiment—you know, a little something for us," she continues. "This idea was more like: hey, let’s make a painting, naked. And so we did; the experience was incredible, as was the result and it just sort of developed from there."

The time seems to be right for unions between canvas and doin' it. A few years back, artist Alexander Esguerra began hosting paint-covered couples rollicking around designated luxury hotel rooms, and earlier this month Lady Gaga dazzled the tabloids with accounts of painterly sex with her fiance, Taylor Kinney. Vaivode and Grinbergs, though, have been working on the Allure Art Kits for over a year, experimenting to find the most pleasurable (and washable) paints in the world. Testing each kind of paint, as you can image, was exhausting. "When we realized that oil based colours don’t work very well, as you simply can’t just wash them off (you can imagine the mess), we quickly started searching for better ones," Vaivode says. "It took a little trial and error and a few mucky situations, but we‘re proud to say that we've finally cracked it."


The Allure Art Kit democratizes the practice Lady Gaga touted with a €55 ($61) price tag, and Vaivode assures us that the kits would be a perfect holiday or Valentines day gift.


Get your own Allure Art Kit on the official website.


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