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'XPRM/E/N/TAL' Performance Art Takes Over MoMA PS1

Raul de Nieves and gage of the boone present a day of queer experimental performance art.
gage of the boone. All images courtesy of the artists and MoMA PS1. Photos by Charles Roussel. 

We may not always understand it, but that doesn't hold back the impact of experimental performance art. Here in New York, there's always a myriad of venues, big and small, where you can catch some really incredible shows.

While The Spectrum, a platform where 'queer' communities once expressed themselves and created within, may have recently closed its doors, it was alive and well this past weekend inside MoMA PS1's outdoor dome. XPRM/E/N/TAL, once a monthly at The Spectrum, came alive once again during the all-day Sunday Session, thanks to artists Raul de Nieves and gage of the boone.


Jake Dibeler

The lineup consisted of Somos Monstros, Whitney Vangrin, Colin Self, serpentwithfeet, FREEMEATCOUPON, MarinaObamaWitch, Jake Dibeler, Chibi Cherry, gage of the boone, and Haribo. Raul de Nieves MCed the event and performed with both of his groups, Somos Monstros and Haribo. Haribo's DOA at the BOA (Dead on Arrival at the Bank of America) performance featured red, white, blue, heavy metal music, ATM machines, and massive gold bars filled with bouncy balls.

De Nieves told The Creators Project, "It’s like sometimes you get up to your ATM machine and it says, ‘Clear of money,’ and you’re like, ‘Fuck, i’m dead.’” While it had political undertones and a healthy side of satire, de Nieves said of the performance, “We’ll let you decide what you want to take from it. But at the end it’s us getting together and being like, ‘Let’s have fun!’ I want people to have fun.”

Check out images from the show below:


Somos Monstros

Whitney Vangrin

Colin Self



Chibi Cherry


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