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Watch Calligraphy Explode with Beautiful Growths

It’s as if the alphabet caught a really pretty fungus.

Working with typeface provides just the perfect mix of structure—you’re confined to 26 set characters—and freedom—you can do pretty much whatever you want with those characters—that so often fosters creativity. So it's no wonder that Boston-based artist and designer Ari Weinkle returns to the structured freedom of fonts again and again. Bringing biological life to lettering is a recurring theme in his work, whether he’s making a typeface that resembles organic matter, or one styled as writhing, worm-like creatures. Weinkle’s latest exploration of typeface is Growths, which finds intricate copperplate calligraphy exploding into beautiful, furry fungi.  "Since my last typography project, Feelers, I’ve been considering the underlying typography a lot more,” writes Weinkle. "I’m trying to create things that are less “gross” but still remain organic and intricate with a strong concept behind them."


"I began experimenting more with Cinema4D and found that I could create organic movement and textures using the Hair module,” Weinkle writes. "The juxtaposition between the highly refined letters, and the organic explosions growing around them really appealed to me."

"From there, it was a process of creating each letter in Illustrator,  creating the letter and “growth” in Cinema4D, then adjusting each letter’s color and timing in After Effects."

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