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Watch a Light Art Installation Get Down in the Club

Paris-based design studio IF creates a geometric a/v artwork for Paris night club Machine du Moulin Rouge’s fifth anniversary celebration.
February 17, 2015, 9:45pm
GIFs by Sami Emory. Images via

Watching LEVEL will send you down a Tron-like tunnel of geometric light play and synthesized electronic beats. Presented by Paris-based design studio IF as part of Paris nightclub Machine du Moulin Rouge’s fifth anniversary celebration, the illusory installation is audiovisual experiment which “represents the dialogue between space and its limitations.”

LEVEL’s displays project a fast-paced series of optical mind tricks and dizzying distortions set to the ambient tracks of the elusive artist Trespur. To produce these effects, the installation’s displays were made by superimposing a transparent material onto a semi-reflective surface. As lights shift and change from any given perspective in the room, each viewer—and/or clubgoer—is treated to their very own light show.


Below, see the installation in action:

LEVEL from IF on Vimeo.

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