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Playable Music Video Is Like 'Fear and Loathing' in Virtual Reality

Italian rock band The Quincey have attached a iOS video app to the music video for their new single.
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Listen, watch, and play "Make it Right," the new music video from Italian psychedelic rock band, The Quincey. For their new single, taken from the band’s upcoming album, to be released in November of this year on Bad Panda Records, the group released a music video with a downloadable iOS app that lets you ride through a virtual environment comprised glaring, psychedelic neon visuals. The actual video features recorded footage of the app with the aesthetic format of a cassette tape from the early 90s.


Players start their journeys in a valley of barely distinguishable abstract structures and designs and, using arrow keys, drive a Cadillac through a canyon of arched gates echoing the Arc de Triomphe. This trippy automated dream world was built by musician and digital artist Vinyl WilliamsNo stranger to interactive music videos, the artist and musician created the piece using Unity 3D. Check out the music video for "Make it Right" below:

Visit to download the iOS app for "Make it Right," and follow The Quincey on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Click here for more from Vinyl Williams.


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