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The Mysterious Death of an Art Thief & Deep Dream Make-Up: Last Week in Art

Also, Ai Weiwei found recording devices, possibly left by Chinese authorities, bugging his studio.

A lot went down this week in the weird and wild world of Art. Some things were more scandalous than others, some were just plain wacky—but all of them are worth knowing about. Without any further adieu:  

+ An Italian art thief was found dead in a London canal and no one knows why. [The Guardian]

+ There is now a Google Deep Dream makeup tutorial. Thanks Internet! [Jezebel]

+ The Red Square Gallery was forced to close permanently due to police pressure in Moscow after opening a photography show about and by LGBT artists. [The Art Newspaper]


+ A print of the controversial Robert Mapplethorpe photograph Man in Polyester Suit, included in the prosecuted show at Cincinnati’s Contemporary Arts Center 25 years ago, goes up for auction at Sotheby’s. [The New York Times]

+ Brightly painted horseshoe crab exoskeletons were the focus of Puppies Puppies’ latest show, Puppies Puppies: HorseshoeCrabs Horseshoe Crabs[ARTnews]


+ X-rays and scans of the animal-shaped Egyptian mummy shells are showcased in the new exhibition, Gifts for the Gods: Animal Mummies Revealed, at the Manchester Museum. [New York Times]

+ A catalog of over 1,000 artworks stolen by the Nazis has been culled from France’s World War II archives. [Israel News]

+ Urban artist Antonio Ramos was shot and killed on Tuesday during the painting of an underpass mural in West Oakland. [Mercury News]

+ Meet Minnesota’s leading antler-art businessman. [MPR News]


+ La Frances Hui was named as associate curator in the MoMA’s film department. [ARTnews]

+ For $200, you can spend a night in the 6.5-acre environmental sculpture Opus 40 in upstate New York, courtesy of Airbnb. [The New York Times]

+ The preserved heart of the last queen of Romania is being sent by a Bucharest museum to the castle in which she died. [Yahoo]


+ The world’s largest collection of fossilized poop was unveiled on Saturday at the South Florida Museum. [Tampa Bay Times]

+ LANDxAIR is the inaugural annual artists’ residency program from L.A.-based nonprofit art group, Los Angeles Nomadic Division. [ARTNews]


+ A man broke a $120,000 Dale Chihuly glass sculpture in Tacoma. [The News Tribune]

+ Here’s the design for the Vancouver Art Gallery from Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron. [CBC News]

+ An informational display on polygamy opens in the newly renovated Mormon church museum in Salt Lake City. [Star Tribune]

+ Fatigued from fielding misspellers on OkCupid, grammar-policing on Tinder? The “Grade” app scans online dating messages for typos and errors and grades each of your matches accordingly from A+ to F. Your welcome. [Wall Street Journal]

+ After 100 days of strikes, the National Gallery staff has voted to return to work after reaching an agreement with the Gallery management. [Independent]

+ Europe’s artists are taking a stand on the refugee crisis—many, like Olafur Eliasson and Alfredo Jaar, are speaking up against anti-immigrant attitudes, and some, like Ai Weiwei and Anish Kapoor, have taken the streets to protest the old fashion way. [The Art Newspaper]


+ Speaking of, was Ai Weiwei's studio bugged? [ArtLyst]

+ Take a virtual trip to “New York City” before the years of the Dutch colonization in the early 17th century with The Welikia Project. [ArtFCity]

+ A pair of Francisco de Goya paintings with a net worth of 5.6 million dollars was stolen from a home outside of Madrid. [ArtNet News]

+ An inside look at the gravity-defying, outlandish, and award-winning facial hair of bearding competitions. [Wall Street Journal]



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