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Take a Tour of Berlin with this Visual Poem

This short film will make you wish you were a Berliner, too.
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There are commonalities that unite most metropolises—crowds, a frenetic pace, and more diversity than tends to be found outside of urban centers. Still, of course, each city has its own flavor, and this "visual poem" captures Berlin's. Watch natives and tourists young and old make their way through the city in this beautifully shot short film. "It was made in run-and-gun style,” writes Alex Soloviev, the film’s maker.  "Everything was handheld. To catch real life on the streets you can't have much gear with you.” His desire to create the film, he continued, was born of appreciation for the "city's architecture mix, both old and modern." If you've never been to Berlin, this video will make you want to book a flight, and if you already have, be prepared to be hit with a deep wave of nostalgia. Watch the gorgeous ode to the German capital above.


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