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Enter a Virtual Forest From the Comfort of Your Screen

Vincent Morisset's 'Way to Go' lets you fly through the trees. Now do it anywhere.
Images courtesy the artist

The trees, the breeze, the utter lack of other humans: wandering through the forest is an old-school pleasure that's often difficult to schedule between work, drinking, and sleep—but thanks to virtual reality, that may no longer be the case. Earlier this year filmmaker Vincent Morisset's surreal virtual reality take on the wild jaunt, Way to Go, premiered at Sundance Film Festival, and we got a firsthand look. Now production company AATOAA has launched a browser version of the game-film hybrid. With one click, escape the office, bedroom, or closet where you do your internetting. Enter Morisset's world of mystery and relaxation via your favorite VR headset or a plain old computer screen on the official website, Here's a glimpse of what you'll find inside:


See more of Vincent Morisset's work on his website.


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