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James Dean Tribute Gets Projected on a Mini Version of His Porsche

It's a dream—like Dean said—we hope will live forever.
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Like the final moments of America's original heartthrob, James Dean, we don't know much about the project behind this tender tribute to the ultimate tradegian, but we do know NCMVulpecula's results are moving. For the multi-mediated 60th anniversary of the Rebel Without a Cause and East of Eden star's death, one original musical composition was created by Rosa Bonheur chorus head, Olga Giardelli, and one by Diana Cotoman, and 10 replicas of the Porsche 550 Spyder he died in were cast and then given to 10 artists—Christine Aubert, Francois Bruère, Prosperi Buri, Chelvis, Holymage (Xavier and Antoine Mailliez), Ralph Resch, Corentin Rouge, Sir Denis, Jean-Marc Tavernier, Constant Vrbain—to create the works that would end up in last September's James Dean WAS A GOOD BOY exhibition. One of such pieces, Holymage's projection-mapped Requiem Pour James Dean caught our eye, and we've had it on repeat ever since. Nevermind the camera-shake—any true fan of the late Little Bastard should experience it as fondly as we did.


Holy-Mapping REQUIEM POUR JAMES DEAN from ncmvulpecula on Vimeo.

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