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Burn Your Fears Away in an Interactive Wallpaper Installation

Dani Dodge helps understand the ways we deal with fear and how they affect others.
Images courtesy the artist

Fear is difficult to depict—or explain. This is why journalist Dani Dodge turned to art as a way to tell the stories she needed to, after witnessing firsthand the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Her latest interactive installation at the LA Artcore Brewery Annex is Peeled & Raw, a visceral and emotional experience that allows the viewer to confront their fears and shed them in the conflict.

The installation was conceived in response to the terror attacks on French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo in January, augmented following the Paris attacks last month. Peeled & Raw allows vistors to act out the cathartic, but occasionally destructive, processes of facing one's fears. More interested in creating moments than objects, Dodge built a living room that upon closer examination has been covered completely in wallpaper, down to the couple sitting on the couch. Visitors are invited to peel away the wallpaper only to find more and more layers underneath. Each layer represents another attempt to cover up our fears, and change who we are and how we present ourselves. Visitors then write their fears on the wallpaper strips and discard them inside the room. When the exhibit closes, Dodge will collect these fears and burn them.


Thus, in a time of fear and mistrust, Dodge reminds to not forget to look inward for strength in order that we may keep power away from debilitating traumas that only help spread hate and mistrust.

Peeled & Raw runs from December 2 to December 26 at the LA Artcore Brewery Annex.


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