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The World’s Best Photojournalism Arrives in London

Take a sneak peek at the prizewinners of the 2016 World Press Photo Competition.
Matjaz Krivic - Digging the Future. Second Place: People Singles. Images courtesy The World Press Photo Foundation

Be it a grand shelf cloud on Bondi Beach, the aftermath of airstrikes in Syria, or refugee children covered in rain capes, photojournalism can be a harrowing experience. From November 4 - 21, 2016, The World Press Photo Exhibition will return to Southbank Centre’s Royal Festival Hall for its 20th edition. The free exhibition brings together award-winning photographs from around the world—this year alone, 82,951 photos, taken by 5,775 photographers from 128 different countries, were submitted.

© Daniel Ochoa de Olza - La Maya Tradition 03.jpg

Daniel Ochoa de Olza - La Maya Tradition. Second Place: People Stories

Winning entries are selected in the following categories: Spot and General News, Sports, Contemporary Issues, Daily Life, People, Nature, and Long-Term Projects.

© Rohan Kelly - Storm Front on Bondi Beach.jpg

Rohan Kelly - Storm Front on Bondi Beach. Winner: Nature Singles

The official World Press Photo of the Year is also the winner of the Spot News Category. Taken by Australian photographer, Warren Richardson, the photograph, “Hope for a new Life,” depicts a refugee man passing his child across the barbed wire border between Serbia and Hungary. Hands reaching out for the baby from the darkness, and the sharpness of the wire highlights the intensity of the terrifying moment. See it, and other winners, in the images below:


Warren Richardson. Hope for a New Life. Winner: Spot News Singles

© Brent Stirton - Ivory Wars 02.jpg

Brent Stirton - Ivory Wars. Second Place: Nature Stories

© Kevin Frayer - China's Coal Addiction.jpg

Kevin Frayer - China's Coal Addiction. Winner: Daily Life Singles

© Christian Bobst - The Gris-gris Wrestlers of Senegal 02.jpg

Christian Bobst - The Gris-gris Wrestlers of Senegal. Second Place: Sports Stories

© Daniel Berehulak - An Antarctic Advantage 03.jpg

Daniel Berehulak - An Antarctic Advantage. Third Place: General News Stories

© Dario Mitidieri - Lost Family Portraits.jpg

Dario Mitidieri - Lost Family Portraits. Second Place: People Singles

© Matic Zorman - Waiting to Register.jpg

Matic Zorman - Waiting to Register. Winner: People Singles

© Sameer Al-Doumy - Aftermath of Airstrikes in Syria 04.jpg

Sameer Al-Doumy - Aftermath of Airstrikes in Syria. Winner: Spot News Stories

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