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Innocence Lost in these Black and White Collages of Children

Preconceptions of childhood's haven are broken down in Constantinos Chaidalis’s small, textured collages.
Broken. All image courtesy the artist

The ghostly visages of young children stare back at the viewer from black-and-white portraits situated between linear shapes. In the eyes of artist Constantinos Chaidalis, all emotional humans can be reduced to children in unfortunate circumstances. The Athens-based artist describes the evolution of human emotion inscribed in his series, titled Sinister, “[The series] deals with personal memory and loss. It is a series of cryptic illustrations, a deconstruction of the childhood faith in safety and nurturing.”


With drawings that bridge the connection between a nightmare world and the nostalgia of childhood, the artist does not shy away from the themes of darkness and despair. A glance into the endless and void-like stares of some of Sinister's children relays that feeling of grief while still holding onto elements of naiveté. The artist shares, “The children in each image represent how one reverts to a childhood stance when it comes to death, and the reality of loss."

Boy Sleeper

The designer, who has capabilities in CGI and 3D design, delivers a diverse portfolio of work, ranging from projects in cutting-edge AR technology to infographics. When the artist is not creating “3D dreams” at his day job for a marketing-tech firm, he brings to life the cobwebs of his past in foreboding photo collages.


The Road Maker

The Riddler

The Horned Boy Replace

The Bell Jar III

Shipping News

Not In Circles


To see more of Chaidalis’s eery, monochrome works, visit his website, here.


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