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An Animated Compilation of Life’s Most Frustrating Moments

Parallel Studio’s new short might give you PWSD (Post-Work Stress Disorder).
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Amidst the bombardment of media we experience on a daily basis, "oddly satisfying videos" have become somewhat of a sudden internet trend—look no further than the hundreds of thousands of views on oddly_satisfying_vids and paintvideos content for the bigger picture. But what about the moments in life when things just don't work out they way you want them to? The deeply unsatisfying? This week, Parallel Studio's team of directors, motion designers, and illustrators put together an animated video tribute to all things Unsatisfying. The minute-long montage shows a compilation of the impossibly frustrating moments that leave you feeling hopeless and inexplicably angry. These situations are almost universally relatable, like when the soda can you just paid for gets stuck inside the vending machine, or when your spoon falls into a bowl of soup. It's a challenge to watch these clips without cringing, but you can see for yourself, below:



Check out more work from the team at Parallel Studio on their website.


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