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Open-Air House of Mirrors Wins MoMA's Architecture Award

Come 2016, you'll paradoxically be contained and free within Guillermo Hevia García and Nicolás Urzúa Soler's 'Your Reflection' structure.
July 9, 2015, 2:30pm
Images courtesy of Guillermo Hevia García + Nicolás Urzúa Soler.

Next year in Santiago, Chile's Parque Araucano, an open-air house of mirrors may rise above the grassy knolls. Designed by architects Guillermo Hevia García and Nicolás Urzúa Soler, Your Reflection is one of the five winning designs for this year’s MoMA Young Architects Program (YAP) International—a global extension of the program that brought PS1's incredible COSMO design to life last month. In the architects' renderings, three sine waves of steel have been embedded throughout a landscape of wildflowers and winding creeks, resulting in a space that is paradoxically contained and free at the same time. As the architects describe in their project reflection, Your Reflection's disorienting pathways put passersby in an uncertain "situation of estrangement, one which we do not intend on controlling, as the possibilities of reflection and deformation provoked by the concave and convex mirrored steel bi-dimensional planes are infinite."


Below, see the beautiful renderings that clinched first place at YAP Santiago.

Click here to find out more about Guillermo Hevia García and Nicolás Urzúa Soler's winning design.


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