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Listen to Yet Another Stunning Frank Sinatra Cover from Bob Dylan

“My One and Only Love” is the second single from the forthcoming ‘Triplicate.’

Bob Dylan will release his 38th studio album, Triplicate, on March 31. It's a triple-album of American standards that were originally made famous by Frank Sinatra, the continuation of a theme that Dylan's been playing with for half a decade now. "I Could Have Told You," the first single from the record, was a stoic but playful reworking of Sinatra's grandiosity, quietly playful beneath the grace and smoke. It was a loving, near-flawless reanimation of a beautiful Americana that risks erasure in a bastardized era.


On Friday, Dylan released the second single from the album. The Guy Wood and Robert Mellin-penned "My One and Only Love" didn't take off in its earliest forms, recorded first by Vic Damone and then Tony Martin in the late 1940s. But Sinatra's version of the track, as a B-side to "I've Got The World On a String" in 1953, pushed it into the public consciousness. Once again, Dylan translates the strings into slides, this time so delicate that they fall into the soft brass. His voice hints at something delicate, but it's slurred so beautifully over the horns that it dominates the mix. It's wonderful and you should listen to it below.

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