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Why You Should Eat Cheese When Your A/C Breaks

People love to eat and drink the pain away, so fight the sweltering heat of summer by eating a rich triple crème. It works.
Photo by Janelle Jones

If you live in New York City, or any place in the Northern Hemisphere, you may have noticed it's really fucking hot outside.

Most of us have to brave the swamp-like conditions, trudging through the streets to get from home to work, struggling on mass transportation, feeling the sweat drip down into places we didn't even know had nerve endings.

The lucky ones get to lounge around in air-conditioned enclaves, pretending that nature doesn't exist beyond their sealed walls. But what happens when that bit of technological genius gives out? What happens when the faux frost of recycled air no longer tingles the flesh, preventing the rabid heat and humidity from attacking the senses?


Well, my friend, welcome to the "real world", the world where we all suffer in unison.

People love to eat and drink the pain away, a proven fact that is portrayed on such enlightening documentary series such as Intervention, The Biggest Loser, Man vs. Food, or anything with Guy Fieri. When the physical discomfort of dealing with life and seasons get you down, don't worry, there is still comfort through consumption to be had.

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Even in the oppressive heat of an A/C-less apartment, there is still a way to feast the discomfort into submission, and who doesn't like a little submission every once and again.

First things first: There is no way in hell that you are turning on the oven. That's suicidal, and an issue far too deep and real to be addressed here.

Secondly, there needs to be minimum movement required. No one needs to be exerting more effort or energy than absolutely necessary.

Although it might not seem like it, this is the time for cheese to shine. Basically a superfood, cheese has all sorts of protein and calcium and shit you need to keep on living. And while you are sweating out all the toxins and fat in your system, it's a perfect time to consume back all the healthy fats and enzymes your body needs.

So what to eat in the dankness of your sweltering abode? Well, nothing will cool you off like a nice wedge of Cowgirl Creamery's Mt. Tam. A triple crème style, meaning super buttery and seductive, Mt. Tam hails from the hippy enclave known as Northern California—Petaluma, specifically. The bodacious bovines that lend their lovin' to these wheels graze freely on the rolling hillsides of this idyllic land.


The ladies at Cowgirl Creamery have been pumping out these fat little puckets since the 90s. Started by two badass women with California culinary backgrounds, they have built themselves a dairy empire that supports numerous farmers around the area. Mt. Tam is named after the mountain Mt. Tamalpais that runs the length of the terrain down to the Pacific Ocean, and happens to be a killer place to eat mushrooms and trip balls.

So the next time your technological advantage craps out on you, open the fridge wide, stripe down to your skivvies and chow down on a gooey wheel of a Cowgirl creation. You'll instantly feel the lush, green pastures under your toes, the crisp salty sea spray in your face, and you might just encounter a talking mountain lion who can help you find your inner piece.

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This article originally appeared on MUNCHIES in July 2015