The MUNCHIES 2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Action Bronson


This story is over 5 years old.

The MUNCHIES 2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Action Bronson

Action offers us insight into his ideal gift list, which spans everything from a classic car to a single dangly earring to his favorite video game console.

To spread holiday cheer and give glorious gifts to our precious readers, we've put together a gift guide that showcases some of our trusted hosts' favorite things. Behold: the five things that Action Bronson wants to see under his tree. (The Firebird might be a little bit tricky, but the rap CDs we can probably handle.)


1. 1990 Pontiac Firebird

Whether you're looking to swoop up a babe or do some killer donuts, this is the whip for truly riding in style. (priceless) Buy Now ›

2. Original Sega Genesis with Mortal Kombat 2 and NBA Jam

Hours and hours and hours of entertainment (and blowing into cartridges) await. (about $40) Buy Now ›

3. One dangly earring (Native American-esque)

This sparkling accessory is for my left ear, which I got pierced for Christmas last year. ($90) Buy Now ›

4. Penny Hardaway Sneakers

Fly like an eagle in these ridiculously classic kicks. (From $83) Buy Now ›

5. Various rap CDs

Doesn't really matter which ones, or from what era. Rap CDs are the stocking stuffer that never fails. (Prices vary) Buy Now ›