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Vin Scully Calls Perhaps his Final Madison Bumgarner-Yasiel Puig Fracas [ VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE]

Madison Bumgarner and Yasiel Puig renewed pleasantries last night after Puig had the audacity to look at Bumgarner.
September 20, 2016, 3:30pm

Yasiel Puig is a flashy Cuban with a penchant for pissing off opponents; Madison Bumgarner is a beer-chuggin' 'Murican good ol' boy with a penchant for pissing off opponents. Any given fan's opinion of either ballplayer is often dependent on team affiliation, feelings for Donald Trump, and/or preference for Budweiser.

There's one thing, however, that baseball fans of ethnic, socioeconomic, and political stripe can agree on: Vin Scully is the best. It was to the baseball world's great fortune that the broadcasting legend, who will retire in only a few days, was on the mic to break down yet another Bumgarner-Puig fracas.


"So one's saying 'Whatchu do to me?' and the other is saying 'Don't look at me.' Ohhhhhhh-kaaaaay…"

Bumgarner lost his shit following a Puig groundout in the bottom of the seventh, accusing the Dodgers slugger of looking at him. The 'fight' then escalated in typical third-grader fashion, with Bumgarner safely encamped behind a wall of teammates acting out the traditional if only these guys weren't here to stop me histrionics.

This is the third scrape between these two rivals. In May 2014, Puig flipped his bat after a long home run, and Bumgarner took exception, waiting for Puig as he rounded third base before the two exchanged pleasantries. Four months later Puig nearly charged the mound after he was hit by a Bumgarner pitch. He had to be held back by an umpire and several teammates as both benches emptied.

These two bros—brought up in very different worlds, working on opposite sides of one of baseball's most intense rivalries—are both jackasses. Bumgarner would end up losing the battle, as manager Bruce Bochy removed him the very next inning after only 97 pitches. The Giants bullpen ended up blowing the lead as Puig and the Dodgers moved ever closer to a division title with a 2-1 comeback win.

Incredible Mad-Burn Update: The Dodgers have new shirts, sporting what must now be considered Bumgarner's trademark phrase and Puig tweeted the proof:

#PuigYourFriend #DontLookAtMe #Puignotlookingatyou @JDL_87 @Adrian_ElTitan
— Yasiel Puig (@YasielPuig) September 20, 2016

Simply delicious.[MLB]