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New Washington Stadium Renderings Show RGIII Fan Basking in Glorious Sunlight

RGIII will always be Washington's quarterback now.

— Dan Steinberg (@dcsportsbog) March 15, 2016

For a stadium that includes renderings of people rollerblading alongside a moat in which other people are surfing, this particular image is the most preposterous. Yes, that is a Washington fan standing outside Dan Snyder's House of Unearned Largesse at Mountain Dew Pavilion, wearing a Robert Griffin III jersey. Also, the jersey number appears to be transposed.

Now, sure, these mock-ups are commissioned and drawn well in advance of when the public actually gets to see them, but RGIII has been on the outs with Washington for some time. He was released exactly one week ago, but the move was academic for much of the year and he's been in a bad spot with the team for even longer than that. The weird thing is, there's not much going on in this particular picture—so maybe leave this one on the cutting room floor? Or at least leave the much-maligned lighting-rod guy on the cutting room floor and focus on the EXXtreme Fan Experience angle some more.

Washington Business Journal has more pictures, if you're so inclined. They show the moat being repurposed as an ice skating rink in the winter months, so you know these guys were thinking ahead.