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VICE Sports Nominated for Two Webby Awards—Vote Now!

Help us prove to the Internet that we're the best forever and ever and ever.

Hi, we're VICE Sports. You may remember us from such things as this website you're on right now. We're the sports site that painstakingly covered CTE over the past year, the people who took you on a trip to Cuba with Carmelo Anthony, the ones who kept you up on breaking news from the Paris attacks on the Stade De France, and the ones who analyze the NFL legality of dog-based tackling. All of which we take pretty seriously.


Well, it turns out that other people take us seriously too. We are up for not one, but two People's Choice Webbys in this year's 20th annual Webby Awards: One in the Online Film & Video Sports category, and the other in the Best Web Personality/Host category for Carmelo Anthony in our series "Stay Melo." After reigning victorious for the overall Sports Web category from 2015, we're here to obliterate the myth of the sophomore slump. We just need your help to do so.

Here's how to vote for us:

Click on here for the Best Online Film & Video Sports category, and click vote like so:

It's easy. It's dead-center. We think you've got this. There's a quick registration, but it doesn't hurt.

Then head over to the Online Film & Video Best Web Personality/Host, and click vote like-a-this:

This one's a little off-center, but again, it's a no-brainer.

Thank you so much for giving us all of the support and love over this past year. Honestly? We do it to keep you informed and entertained. We hope you enjoy.